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I reached out to Seyed Hadi after being encouraged by a friend. I was dealing with a situation that seemed to consume my entire focus and I felt paralyzed at times – my marriage was at risk. During the moments when I felt nearly hopeless, my sessions with Seyed Hadi offered practical and tactical solutions to the problems I was facing. Not only did he offer advice, he listened to my concerns and tailored the strategies specific to my needs; everything with long-term results in mind. Right now, I am still continuing my sessions with him but the worst of things, with his guidance, have subsided. I have a strengthened inner source of happiness, courage, and self-esteem. I cannot thank him enough for the guidance, support, and emotional growth I have experienced with his service. God bless him and anyone who is in need; he does not tell you what to do; he empowers you to focus on the solution and apply it to anything you might face in your future. In case you are wondering, give his service a try.

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My family has used Mr. Yassin’s coaching services for about two years. My wife and I started having sessions with Mr. Yassin with amazing results. I then extended his coaching sessions to include urgent issues we had with other members of our immediate family. That also concluded with amazing results. My daughter got married about a year ago. One of my gifts to her so far has been a nine month marriage coaching gift certificate with Mr. Yassin. Both the bride and the groom have stated that it has been the best gift to them. Mr. Yassin’s sessions has help this young marriage to stay healthy and strong.
Whenever my wife or I come across a friend with any marriage or family issues, the first thing that comes to our mind is to refer that friend to Mr. Yassin. Mr. Yassin is a very intelligent, educated and caring person. I highly recommend his coaching services.



My life coach Mr.Yassin at Hadi has been very inspirational. I know that when I am talking with him, he will never put me down. He is always up lifting and knows how to explain faults in a way we can except and learn from them. I would say that most people would really wish they knew someone like Mr. Yassin or had him as a family member. He is trustable and stands by all standards set by counseling laws. He is a real human being and a great humanitarian. He stands for justice and knows how to put it in place. What makes him stand out from the rest you may ask? He knows proven techniques. These are techniques or strategies which have worked time and time again in many situations. He has the knowledge and know how to adjust those to each persons individual needs and situations. And because of his moral background you never have to worry about him being vulgar or shocking with some inappropriate language. He knows how to talk to people where we might fall short. He is quiet amazing actually. Once you start working with him you will wish you could call him 10 times a day and ask him questions. But he doesn’t want you to do that. His purpose is to make us self sufficient. He wants us to be able to solve our own problems and learn the ways to true peace and happiness within our homes. Because a happy world starts from the home. If the home is happy the people will carry their happiness to the world outside their home. Angry people carry anger and problems. Let us all work for a better tomorrow by building our families up with the greatness of life. If you need help. Hadi is the place to go.

Shari-khadija L.Zaidi



Mr. Yassin really listens.  He genuinely cares for the concerns I have for my children and helps me come up with strategies to help them overcome some bad habits and behavioral problems.  What I really appreciate is that he takes the time to allow me to adopt the strategies to their age and varying personalities.