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Based on all these years of experience in working with parents and their problems with parenting I realized there are a few main factors associated with the parenting and current issues:

  • Lack of knowledge of parenting.

Our parenting style is traditional and based on our instinct. Small percentages of couples think and learn about parenting before they decide to have children. Knowing the expectations, techniques, goals in parenting is very crucial for a successful parenting.

Most of us first become parent then when we face it’s challenges we remember we have to learn how to deal with it.

Here in H.A.D.I. we will help you to learn the best techniques either if you have any difficulties with your children, or youth and be able to apply those techniques in the actual field. We know how challenging it can be, doesn’t worry will help you step by step to learn and use the tips and techniques customized for your situations. Based on your progress we move forward.

Our parenting sessions starts with pre-pregnancy all the way to the teenagers.

  • Lack of experience.

Regardless of your knowledge about parenting, you need to have experience in this field. Even if you have the highest degree in this major, you need to hold a baby in your hands and work with a kid in person to realize the challenges and to learn how to apply your techniques. It can be your own child, children of your family members, friends, school, or community centers that you can visit and work with kids.

In H.A.D.I. we help you to be skillful and ready experience and learn from other’s experience in different situations and occasions with your children. We will give you enough examples and experiences so you will be prepared for every and each moments of your parenting.

  • Not knowing the techniques.

There are some times that you realize what you know about parenting is not enough or its not working and that you need to have some techniques to be able to solve the issue between you and children. You can gain it through advisors, books, or talking to an experience couple.

In H.A.D.I. we have all these sources and will summarize it for you all in one place. So you can get the benefit all these sources at the same time.

  • Lack of patience.

A successful parent needs all the skills and information plus being patient in this path. Parenting is very time and energy consuming. If you think you cannot dedicate your life, your time, and yourself to your kids then its better not having any. Even if you wrote a book about parenting techniques and tips what you need to use them is patience.

Children are not always cute, nice, and smiling, there are many times that they are frustrating, annoying, and hard to deal with, which drive you insane.

Here in H.A.D.I. we will listen to your challenges and complaints about your parenting and will enhance your tolerance. By learning these tips you will be able to take this journey easier.

  • Missing the opportunities.

We know that our life style is the way that both couples should work all day long to be able to afford their costs, but what don’t stop in the middle is your children needs to you and your presence. They need you to be there physically and play with them. Lack of time to spend with kids is very detrimental to their development especially for their attachment need. There is no alternative for this; they simply need to have you next to them. Yes, both parents.

Here in H.A.D.I. you will learn how to make an effective schedule to be able to spend enough time with your children and take care of your jobs.