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Most of our clients visit us for marriage coaching sessions. Our favorite session is premarital sessions when couples visit us before they get married to learn about their future married life and its challenges and techniques. We help them to design and develop a strong relationship from the scratch.

The majority of our clients are those who are already married and due to some challenges and hardships want to redesign and rebuild their relationships. Also, sometimes we have clients who are experiencing serious problems in their relationships and are in the process of separations.

We believe in this statement:

“Good parenting comes from happy marriage, opposite is hard to believe”


Therefore, it’s important to build a strong, satisfying, and happy marriage.

Marrital satisfaction is associated with 4 main factors:

  • Communication
  • Sexual satisfaction.
  • Love/attachment.
  • Religious and cultural bond.


Communication is the most important factor which affect other factors. Almost 85% of the couples don’t have a constructive communication or they suffer from lack of communication.

H.A.D.I. helps you to learn about the techniques and strategies of a satisfying communication and be able to use them in your communications.

Sexual satisfaction:

This is one of the most viral issues of the families specially living in the western countries, sexual dissatisfaction or conflict. Any sexual dissatisfaction would affect the relationship dramatically and cause frustration, disappointment, and anger between couples. Sexual relationships is not an easy as it sounds. If there is an issue there is a process of how to solve it and learn about it.

In H.A.D.I. we help couples figure out the causes of their sexual distress, and will help you work towards solving them. Sometimes, the root of a sexual issue is in the communication, love, or over all dissatisfaction in life.


Have you missed those first few months of your marital life? Being nice and romantic and spending time with each others. It is important to keep the love alive and fresh, but because of our life style we forget about it and the love becomes old and habitual.

In H.A.D.I. you will learn about creative ways how to keep you initial love alive and progressive. You will learn how to build and develop a relationship where you feel loved, understood, and appreciated.