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Improve Intimacy Webinar

Improve Intimacy Webinar


time 10:00 am

May 6, 2017

Do you feel you are not sexually satisfied in your marriage?

Sexual satisfaction is one of the most important factors associated with marital satisfaction. Those who are having intimacy issues tend to have marital issues.

Proper intimacy nourishes and increases our iman through the experience of deep connection with our partner. When intimacy is fulfilled,we can experience a greater whole and spiritual life. We may feel closer with ourselves and our creator. In conjunction with a sexual connection,intimacy can be fulfilling, encouraging, even transcendent. The opposite side of proper intimacy involves a fear of rejection, embarrassment, or shame. While these emotions are common in many of us this should not prevent us from expanding our spiritual awareness and developing a deeper connection with our partner.

Improving your intimacy is actually a knowledge you need to learn, it is not instinctual.

From the comfort of your home attend our first “Improve your Intimacy Webinar” which is designed to provide a private and anonymous environment to teach you how to improve your intimacy.

With a 2 hour webinar exclusively designed for Muslims, not only will you learn about many different aspects of your intimate life, you will also have opportunity to ask your questions anonymously.


Our topics include:

  • The importance of intimacy.
  • Important factors associated with sexual satisfaction.
  • How to have healthy and satisfying intimacy.
  • Rules and regulations of intimacy in Islam.
  • Quality and quantity of intimacy. .
  • Who should initiate?
  • Haya (chastity) and intimacy.
  • Sexual communication.
  • Learn how to explore your intimacy preferences.
  • Men and women and the difference between their sexual worlds.
  • How to overcome difficulties in keeping intimacy.


Reserve now and get your spot before they are gone!

Limited spots available.


The fee for a single participant is $200.

For a couple is $250.

“40% Discount”

If you register by March, 25th you should only pay $150 for couples and $120 for single participant.


Deadline for registration:

April, 1st 2017



Please email us at info@seyedhadiyassin.com if you have any questions.



  • Only married or engaged couples can participate.
  • The content will be explicit, so don’t have children nearby.
  • Recording of this webinar is Islamically not allowed.Recording will be provided for participants upon request at a later time.


This webinar is simply for educational purposes

and does not offer any psychotherapeutic services

Author: Seyed Hadi Yassin

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