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Seyed Hadi Yassin is a Certified Professional Coach (CPC), specializing in children, parenting, and relationships. In 2009, he undertook a master’s program in psychology, with an emphasis in child development. Since then, he has been engaged with many projects at various institutions related to this field. He is the founding editor of the Psychology Student Research Journal (PSRJ) under the supervision of CSUSB department of psychology. In Addition, he has conducted a vast amount of research on relationships and marriage. Interested readers may refer to his thesis: “The Relationship Between Early Attachment and Marital Satisfaction in Early Adulthood” for more insight. Recently, his focus has been on working with children and families with special needs. Mr. Yassin served as the behavioral instructor/Associate Clinical Supervisor at California Psych Care, assisting families with Autistic children. Currently he is working on his Doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology.

Seyed Hadi Yassin understands the complexities and challenges associated with minority groups living in the U.S. He has worked as a leader and motivational speaker in many diverse environments, across cultural backgrounds, in hopes of finding solutions for some of the rising issues among such communities.


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