• Mr.Yassin has provided a wealth of beneficial parenting advice to me and my wife. By adopting a new set of skills, we saw a dramatic improvement in the household. I look forward to continued coaching and personal growth.

  • In passing I had mentioned to Mr. Yassin that I suffer from claustrophobia. I’ll be honest I was extremely skeptical, after all I had suffered for over 25 years. It was something I had learned to “deal” with.  I simply avoided situations that made me feel claustrophobic. I could not believe after 1 hour of working with Mr. Yassin and him coaching me through a literally anxiety attack, it was over. I had gained control over my brain and body. He taught me to face my fear head on and concur it! I have recommended him to every and anyone whom I think is in need of coaching….

    K. S.
  • My family has used Mr. Yassin’s coaching services for about two years. Whenever my wife or I come across a friend with any marriage or family issues, the first thing that comes to our mind is to refer that friend to Mr. Yassin.  Mr. Yassin is a very intelligent, educated and caring person.  I highly recommend his coaching services…

  • I would say that most people would really wish they knew someone like Mr. Yassin or had him as a family member. What makes him stand out from the rest you may ask? He knows proven techniques. These are techniques or strategies which have worked time and time again in many situations. Once you start working with him you will wish you could call him 10 times a day and ask him questions…


    Shari-khadija L.Zaidi



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